Tuesday, December 18, 2007


One thing I try to discuss here on this blog is irony. In his essay The Curtain, Milan Kundera forwards the hypothesis that irony officially began with Cervantes' work The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha. The novel some consider the first modern comedy shows the absurdity of a man intent on claiming a heroic life for himself. Cervantes employs many modern techniques throughout the novel. For example, much of the humor from the book comes from Cervantes acknowledging the reader and the absurdity of the romantic lifestyle of a knight.

While a complete discussion of Don Quixote lies entirely outside my reach, I'd like to say irony in the book serves the purpose of popping the unnecessary seriousness of life. Don Quixote, for example, was so wrapped up in his attempts to be a knight he drove himself to insanity. I believe Cervantes used irony and modern comedy to illustrate the ultimate danger of taking oneself too seriously and, by doing so, rejecting the beauty of ordinary, average life.

Irony, in my opinion, currently saturates our younger generations. It's difficult to seriously discuss altruistic or idealistic ideas without a caveat ("I know this sounds dumb, but..." or "This may be naive, but..."). A modern technique birthed by Cervantes to embolden everyday life has instead disemboweled it, creating, in my opinion, the post-modern world--an apathetic, hollow world where depression and inauthenticity feast on the tidbits of genuineness and honest expression.

With the proliferation of the internet, handheld camcorders and inexpensive digital sound recorders (among other technology), we have been able to turn our focus away from dry, ironic commentary (in my opinion, everything labeled hipster) or dramatic misrepresentational escapist media (24 comes to mind) and more towards an honest look at everyday life.

YouTube, Google or blogs (such as this one) can serve the purpose of genuine expression along with building meaningful communities with individuals of similar interests. The internet can also become an overwhelming echo chamber, removing all relativity and causing the individual to either refuse the institution or experience it with the instinctual defense mechanism of irony.

Then, sometimes, infrequently, RARELY, the web world gets a new denizen. Like the ignorant cheerleader from the slasher films who drags her football fuck-buddy into a dark cabin, these individuals coming into the internet world sometimes have no idea what horrific digital massacre can possibly occur to those people who try to be themselves in our supposedly open community. I mean, just ask the Star Wars kid. the individual who made "Leave Britney Alone!"

It's my pleasure to introduce one of the newest figures in the internet community: ALEXYSS K. TYLOR, minister in the Universal Brotherhood Congregation, motivational speaker and host/producer/originator of the the Alexyss Tylor Show broadcast on People TV in Atlanta, GA.

"Vagina Power"

In an age where basic cable seems near-comatose, Ms. Tylor has embraced the medium of Public Access Television. Due to the 1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act, any local organization is eligible not only for airtime, but also training in the technology and equipment needed to produce their own television show. Ms. Tylor, accompanied by her mother, uses her time to discuss issues of male/female sexual and relationship dynamics.

I was first introduced to the Alexyss Tylor Show by my roommate. It was unclear whether or not it was supposed to be humorous or serious. Kind of like Trapped in the Closet, I figured it was probably a combination of both.

I mean, I think she's a powerful, self-made woman calling it like she sees it. It doesn't seem as though she uses notes (although the editing may be responsible for creating that illusion). It's important to note she does not hate on men, as this note from her website shows:

The Alexyss Tylor Show new time is starting January 29, 2007 Monday at 7pm-8pm on Comcast ch.25 People TV Atlanta. Thank You for watching and supporting ME!!! Vagina Power!!! Thank You men you are doing such a great JOB I am so proud of you Penis Power!!!

Her raw power reminds me of Cody Chesnutt's The Headphone Masterpiece:

This book Is dedicated to MY GUURRLLLSSS(GIRLS) all around the world standing in Vagina Power and to the ones that are being groomed through your circumstances to Stand in Vagina Power!!! It's a story about my life in my own words. Now don't expect something fancy from Ya Southern Gurl! You know I couldn't afford to go out and get some paid actor to read MY LIFE!!!


There are some drawbacks to Ms. Tylor's energy. For example, she seems to be a religious conservative on such issues like abortion. In one of her episodes, she concludes with showing "cute" baby gear (including a SpongeBob umbrella) and talks about the aborted child who will never experience the innocent cuteness. I think she also might not be down with gay people.

Below are some selected videos, although she has her own YouTube channel (one week old) with over 25 videos. According to her MySpace page, her YouTube account has surprisingly been cancelled. Okay, I just found it.

"Black Pussy"

"Warning to Gay Boys"

"Dick Will Make You Slap Somebody

More on her website...PWR!!!111!!1111!!

[UPDATE: Thanks to Sal and T, I replaced The Star Wars Kid reference with the frustrated individual who created "Leave Britney Alone!"]

Monday, December 10, 2007

First McDonald's Commercial

Cannot be safe viewing for anyone suffering from Coulrophobia.

Que Dolce...

is this possible? did this actually happen?

barry white


All of these from Nathaniel Sloan, mild-mannered student by day, superstar freestyler by night....

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just creepy enough. makes me think..