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A Whisper in the Night

Apparently an aide whispered in response to a question.

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Ball Bearing Beatbox


Do the Auntie Jackie

From Thom.

Tom Cruise's Scientologist Indoctrination Video

Unbelievable. Talk about Risky Business.

It wouldn't be so weird if it wasn't Tom Cruise [Full Disclosure: My older brother looks strikingly similar to Tom Cruise]. Here's someone who wishes to create world peace by uniting cultures. But uniting cultures under what? Globalization? Americanization? To the point where making Mission Impossible remakes (incredible remakes, no doubt. Especially II with Ang Lee.), making Mission Impossible remakes becomes a source of everyday life inspiration?

Here's a bit of perspective, to show the other "testimonials" by Mr. Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Oprah

Tom Cruise on Modern Psychiatry

Tom Cruise laughing inexplicably long on Letterman

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

JFK Files

Online Videos by

Peacemaker v. Warmonger

Apologies for the profusion of political posts. I am a self-described political addict and, unfortunately, the shipments have been coming in steadily...AND, OH, ARE THEY GOOD. Haven't seen this pure of shit since the sixties. Gosh-darn.

So the deal for tonight: George Bush interviewed by Nightline acknowledges some see him as a warmonger, while he sees himself as a peacemaker. So much for theory of mind.

Skip to about 1.20 for the actual interview. Also: is Nightline always this faux-low-budg? Or is it just the writer's strike? The freehanded camera work really isn't cutting it for me...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iran's Funniest Home Video

Talk about getting seasick, someone give that cameraman some Dramamine.

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